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CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport

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CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport is a meticulously detailed custom modelled scenery of a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. It was hand-crafted for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 using latest 3D modelling tools and techniques and custom-made high-resolution PBR materials.



Video Review by Hugo M.

Video Review by Practically Geek




  • Custom high-resolution PBR materials
  • Multiple hand-crafted airport buildings and hangars
  • Two manned towers with interior modelling
  • Open hangar (Ramp 1 spot) with interior modelling for a small to medium GA aircraft (prop/turboprop)
  • Open hangar (S Ramp 1 spot) with interior modelling for a medium to large GA aircraft (turboprop/business jet)
  • Multiple custom start parking spots on several aprons and inside 2 open hangars
  • Custom runways and taxiways network rebuilt from the ground up, with all markings and features of the airport true to life and charts. Runway lines do not cross another runway or taxiways now
  • Custom taxiway night lighting that eliminates virtually all on-pavement raised lights, to the degree possible in SDK
  • Custom taxiway signs as close to life as possible
  • Exact PAPI/VASI light placement and slopes
  • Customized apron textures and terrain features
  • Parallax windows with reflective glass and night lighting, based on several custom 3D room interior renderings
  • Hand-modelled ultra-detailed airport beacon on the tower’s roof
  • Multiple signs with emulated fluorescent night backlighting, 3D modelled letter-shaped signs, and other custom signage throughout the airport
  • TTC and Go buses around the airport area
  • Custom aprons and aircraft parking
  • Custom night lighting throughout the airport, including hangar exterior and interior lights
  • Parked cars, airport vehicles, full perimeter fencing, vegetation and other random objects added at correct spots for more realism
  • Helipad with static helicopter models
  • Animated flags that respond to wind direction
  • Functional Tower ATC (at the current Traffic radio frequency) for previously unavailable dynamic taxi instructions and runway selection
  • Tall autogen office building close to the approach path replaced with a more suitable two-storey office building





Just unzip into Community folder. After installation there should be a /romandesign-airport-cykz/ folder in your MSFS Community folder.
IMPORTANT: if you have previously installed Roman Design Toronto pack, please update it with the upcoming latest version. You must remove the old version to avoid object duplication.


Strategically located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport is highly-accessible and serves as a vital economic link to the region. The airport welcomes corporate visitors, tourists, aviation students and pilots from around the globe. The Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport is consistently ranked in the top 10 most active airports in Canada. It has been proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1963. CYKZ is a perfect small and medium GA airport for Toronto sightseeing flights in one of the most beautiful areas offered in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can start your flights inside one of the two highly detailed open hangars and make this airport your small and medium GA operating base in the region.

Reviews (25)

25 reviews for CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport

Based on 25 reviews
  1. Les (verified owner)

    I have flown in here a few times and have even had Millionair give me the most amazing service !!! this place is bang on..

  2. tim (verified owner)

    Amazing work!! This airport truly feels like home!!

  3. Richard Rowe (verified owner)

    Having flown into Buttonville many times in real life the realism is excellent and it fits seamlessly with Roman Design’s Toronto.

  4. Michael Avraham

    Excellent work, I have been flying out of CYKZ in real life, I have never seen such an accurate rendition of the airport, the level of details is amazing, great artistic and modelling work, you can see Roman out close attention to details up to the furniture and maps on the wall at the Canadian Flyers flying school, all this with minimal to non impact on FPS, especially when you fly VR that every frame counts, Well done Roman, keep up the good work

  5. Geoff P. (verified owner)

    Very nice airport which I visited in the 90’s, so it does look a little different now. Good attention to detail, but I hope that some extra work could be done on the GA hangar complex away from the main apron. A few more static aircraft parked up, and perhaps an open hangar or two.

    Really enjoyed flying from and to here.

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