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CNC3 Brampton – Caledon Airport Lite

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  • Custom hand-made signature blue and red hangar 3D models, replacing 28 generic hangars
  • Custom-made Canadian flag
  • Custom aprons and aircraft parking, with signature tie-down parking spots
  • Improved and redrawn taxiways, added missing lines and markings
  • Corrected and masked textures and terrain features
  • Multiple aircraft models parked in correct parking areas and inside signature open hangars
  • Realistic Fuel area with correct night lighting
  • Custom night lighting of hangars, illuminating the planes inside and hangar sides
  • Parked cars, airport vehicles, painted car parking spaces and blocks, picnic tables, fences and other random objects added at correct spots for more realism
  • Hand-drawn custom helipad at accurate location
  • Many of the remaining autogen hangars replaced with more suitable models (custom models available in the Pro version)





Donations toward completing this hand-made and 3D modelled Brampton Caledon Airport scenery project and other upcoming projects are welcome! This airport took me dozens of hours to create and will take much more. You can support it via “Donate using PayPal” or “Buy Me a Coffee” buttons.
If you want to support my other creative project, check out Progress Report – my sci-fi technothriller novel which you can read and download for free.





  • Hand-made Great War Flying Museum’s 2 building models
  • WWI aircraft static models next to the museum, as they are displayed during public events
  • Hand-made airport office building model
  • 4 more custom hangar buildings
  • Hand-made “Four Seasons Aviation” building model
  • Museum flag
  • Unrealistic generic airport beacon tower replaced with a true to life small beacon light on top of the office building





Unzip into Community folder. After installation there should be a /romandesign-airport-cnc3-lite/ folder in your MSFS community folder.





1.0 – Initial release
1.2 – Full 3D model rework, added electric meters on the side of hangars, reworked textures
1.3 – Fixed missing parking spots bug, replaced 4 autogen hangars with more suitable models
1.4 – Updated models, reduced file size





This scenery is distributed free of charge. Donations are appreciated.



CNC3 Brampton Caledon Airport is a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. The airport is famous by it’s signature blue GA hangars with red roofs and mostly open aircraft pods, and a large open-air parking area. The original MSFS generic scenery looks completely wrong, and has many problems, including the lack of the parking area, “baked-in” aircraft silouettes, unnetural grass texture poligons etc. This scenery replaced more than 30 generic hangars and buildings with a custom 3D models and model variations. Several unique buildings, such as Great War Flying Museum, main office and others were meticulously hand-modeled in excruciating detail, inclding building materials, signs antennas, parallax windows etc.

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  5. Super Awesome Graphics! You can’t go wrong!

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