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Hand-made Airport You'd Love to Call Home GA Airport the way it should be done Meticulously Detailed Custom 3D models I'm not kidding: beacon, antennas, streetlamps, hydro meters, parallax effect windows, signs, AC units and wires, I have modelled everything to the point it felt just right. The Great War Flying Museum With accurate WWI fighter planes rolled out in front of the museum hangar Custom night Lighting Beacons, eerily accurate streetlamps, hangar interior lights - everything to make your night flying fun True to life from take-off to landing Cold start in custom parking positions inside one of many signature blue hangars with red roofs, or in a tie-down parking spot. Signature blue and red
open hangars
Authentic hangars, parking, buildings and signs , fuel area - it's like you're there, only better.

Canadian Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Roman Design is proud to offer custom Canadian Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. CYKZ Tortonto Buttonville and CNC3 Brampton are available now. Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport is currently under development. With meticulous custom 3D modelling, hangar and building interiors, custom-made PBR materials and many advanced features those will be the airports you’d love to call home!

CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport for MSFS 2020 is released!


CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport is a meticulously detailed custom modelled scenery of a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. It was hand-crafted for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 using latest 3D modelling tools and techniques and custom-made high-resolution PBR materials.

CYKZ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport

CNC3 Brampton – Caledon Airport Pro for MSFS 2020


CNC3 Brampton Caledon Airport is a well-known local GA airport in Toronto area, where many of GTA enthusiast learn to fly and enjoy flying for many years. The airport is famous by its signature blue GA hangars with red roofs and mostly open aircraft pods, and a large open-air tie-down parking area. The original generic scenery looks unrealistic and has many issues, including the lack of the parking area, “baked-in” aircraft silhouettes, unnatural grass texture etc. This scenery is replacing 28 generic hangars with a custom 3D models and model variations and includes a total of 38 original hand-modelled building, as well as plethora of custom and stock objects carefully placed to increase realism and immersion.

Roman Design Canadian MSFS Scenery Features

  • Meticulously Hand-crafted 3D buildings
  • Open hangars with interior modelling
  • Custom start parking spots on aprons and inside open hangars
  • Hand-painted high-resolution 4K PBR textures
  • Reworked aprons, taxiways, painted lines and markiong, and other airport features
  • Corrected terrain textures and mesh
  • Custom night lighting
  • Realistic signs, including night backlighting
  • Animated flags that wave in the true wind direction
  • Multiple objects added throughout the scenery to add realism and immersion

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Scenery Downloads

Download the new and exciting Roman Design Toronto area scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! Hand-crafted from the ground up, fully realizing the visual potential of MSFS2020 high-end flightsim engine.

Canadian Airport MSFS Scenery

Free MSFS Canadian Scenery Enhancement Packs

Hand-made Airports you’d Love to call Home!

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